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Woodland Farms Programs

Find out more information here on the programs offered at Woodland Farms. 

Sustainable Start

At Woodland Farms, we're excited to announce our new program of individual farm classes! These classes are a perfect introduction to the joys of farming, and are open to ages 5 and up. Each class is 2 hours long, with parents encouraged to stay and experience the fun alongside their children. Our classes cover a variety of topics from planting to harvesting, and offer a hands-on experience in the great outdoors. Space is limited, so be sure to grab your tickets today!

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Meditating in Mountains


Join us on Thu Mar 14 2024 at 6:30 PM EST as we dive deep into topics that will awaken your mind, body, and soul.

This event is designed for women seeking to improve their health and wellness. We will explore detoxing your home, healthy lifestyles, herbs, healing past trauma, and establishing healthy habits. Join us for a deep dive into these areas to help you rebuild a happier, healthier life.


- Empowering women to prioritize their health and wellness journey.

- Offering insights on detoxing the home environment for better health.

- Providing information on incorporating herbs for wellness and healing.

- Exploring various wellness practices to enhance overall well-being.

- Addressing the importance of healing past trauma for emotional well-being.

- Sharing strategies for establishing and maintaining healthy habits for a fulfilling life.


The Zoom link will be emailed out prior to the event, so please register with the email address you'd like the link sent to.

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